Social Media for the Busy Entrepreneur

Jasmine Batra


As an entrepreneur, social media is one of your best friends (it expands your brand presence and reach on a huge scale), however it can be overwhelming with so much to learn. In my experience as a digital marketing strategist, I have found that business owners want to learn social media but find it daunting.

Last weekend I was invited to speak at a conference of entrepreneurs in Sydney. It was a 3-day retreat where entrepreneurs worked on their business. I talked on social media – the essentials for the busy entrepreneur on what to do in social media when you don’t want to do social media 🙂


Tapping into Unlimited Potential in a Smart way

It was clear that many business owners struggle with how social media applies to their particular business. Many in fact believe that their target audience isn’t on social media.

Consider though that there are 25 million people in Australia and 19 million are on Facebook. Clearly then there is a huge unlimited potential here that you should be tapping into.

Remember whether you are a B2B business, or a business to consumers its all about the human to human connection. And as they say success in business has a strong correlation to success in human relations. Social media takes this human connection to a whole new scale. Your more traditional platforms like email, print material and now even phone calls simply can’t compete with it. It’s easier to get attention on Facebook messenger than on an email or phone call.


My Four Step Framework

At the conference I shared my four step process for entrepreneurs to help them with making headway in social media. This includes:

  • Attraction – this is all about seducing your viewer at first sight through claiming, creating/updating all your profiles. It’s about utilising cover photos, profile photos, bio/about section in a clear, concise manner in a way that tells what problems you solve rather than what you do.
  • Attention – grab your viewer’s attention through platforms like LinkedIn Showcase Pages and sponsored updates. You can grab your viewer’s attention not only by way of content you post and share but also by comments and reactions on content shared by whoever you would like to seek attention of.
  • Amplification – it’s about of magnifying the impact and going beyond your own network/followers and extending the reach to targeted demographics based on demographics/interest/behaviour by way of paid ads/sponsored content.
  • Action – this the end goal of inspiring action be it a download or sending direct message on Instagram. Consider using Facebook bots for use with Messenger. They will enhance your marketing through things like recommending products based on internet searches and past purchases.


You can’t win(g) it alone

It seems like every week there is a new social media update/release. 

As someone who is responsible for running a business, it’s just not possible to keep up with all of that. Rely on people whose day  job it is to follow all the latest social media trends and put them to test. Like most things in life, for success in social med you need to be consistent and persistent. Once off measures don’t work. Work with someone who can help you to put together a social media strategy. If you need a review of your social media strategy, get the experts to help you.

Don’t try to do it all by yourself.

Think about where your business could go with hand holding?

Is it in setting consistent profiles across channels, creating organic content that builds engagement and gets attention, increasing the reach through amplification or setting funnels for taking prospects through a sequence of actions, just book a time for a 20 min no obligation discussion.

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