Would you like to know if the business hours spent on managing your Facebook and Twitter are worth the while

Make informed decisions to either step up or walk away.

If you are actively using social media channels to promote your brand and have built a social community around your product, service or cause. This ebook is for you.


Get tips on how to measure the effectiveness of Social media and make it an accountable channel  in your marketing mix. Download this ebook to find out just exactly how engaged are your fans and followers and how do you measure the contribution of  social media to raising brand awareness and increasing top line revenue.

This e-book takes you through some of the ways you can use to analyse level of engagement and measure ROI.

Topics include:

  • What does social media engagement really mean?
  • Why should you measure engagement?
  • How to measure it
  • Measurement Tools
  • Examples you can learn from

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The guide also comes with examples, so you can learn from what others and apply it to build engagement with your community.


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