Before you start SEO….

Anup Batra


Keep a few things in mind before you start SEO work on your website :

  1. Choose Keyphrases which are aligned with your goals :
    Don’t optimise your website for phrases which are generic, large on search volume but send semi-relevant visitors to your website. For example, if you offer business coaching in melbourne only, then don’t optimise your website for ‘business coach’. Instead, optimise for ‘business coach melbourne’. This will give you more targeted enquiries. It will also reduce the bounce rate from your website.
  2. Choose keyphrases which reveal search intent : If you sell guitars online ‘buy guitars’ is a much better search term than ‘guitars’
  3. Check your website thoroughly for any errors, broken links etc
  4. Check your website for usability. The best way to do that is to ask a few people to go through your website and describe their experiences
  5. Check your spellings and grammar. As simple as it may sound, most websites have some errors
  6. Make your site easy on the eye. There is no point in inviting guests over if the house is not looking good. Keep your layout, navigation etc simple.
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