Swapping Suits for Cardboard Boxes: The 2015 CEO Sleep Out


Let’s actually do something about homelessness…

With more than one thousand CEOs expected to attend – and a staggering $2 million dollars already pledged – the 2015 CEO Sleep Out is expected to be one of the biggest business events on this year’s calendar.

Arrow Digital’s own CEO’s, Anup and Jasmine Batra, will be removing their suits and donning cardboard boxes to help tackle Australia’s growing homeless problem. Temperatures are expected to be rather cold, but Anup and Jasmine are ready and know there are many people out there who endure such temperatures each and every night.

In fact, there are more than 100,000 people in Australia who have fallen victim to homelessness, and the CEO Sleep Out (which is hosted by Vinnies) aims to give people a chance to partake and really make a difference.

The purpose of the event is to offer a glimpse into what it is like to live on the streets. Over a period of 10 years, the CEO Sleep Out has generated $24 million which has been put towards Vinnies homeless services.

These donations provide a great deal of emergency assistance and guidance for crafting pathways to a more stable and hopeful future for Australia’s homeless.

Donations help by:

  • Providing meals and education resources to disadvantaged children
  • Helping families keep their power on during the winter
  • Providing emergency accommodation and food
  • Relocating homeless people into accommodation services and shelters

If you want to help make a difference, just like Anup and Jasmine are, you can donate to the cause simply by clicking here.

Every dollar really does count!


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