The 5 pillars of a Successful Online Business Part 2: Usability


Welcome to part 2 of the series! We will have a closer look at another important element of building a successful website for your online business, Usability.


It is highly crucial to properly blend Search Engine Optimisation and Usability because they both play a very large role in helping you achieve your conversion goals. There is no doubt that you can get more people to your website through SEO but what happens once they enter your website?

This is where you website’s Usability steps in to help lead your visitors further down the sales funnel. Modern search engine marketing techniques combine the core elements of SEO, Usability and Web Design to maximise conversion rates.

There is an important Usability technique that you have to consider for your website, Information Architecture.

Information Architecture helps you organise, label and connect your website content and it generally helps visitors follow the flow of your website and lead them into your sales funnel. It tells designers which parts of the site needs emphasis for lead generation and user retention. It’s also quite an important part of SEO because Information Architecture is all about organising your content and links, and nothing is more important to SEO than these two things.


  • Create clear and concise headlines that can attract the user’s attention
  • Make it easy for your visitors to read content – typography, colour, font size, text, images and backgrounds
  • Simplify navigation and make sure your pages looks good – spacing, margins and landing pages
  • Optimise speed and response time
  • Do research and read up about user experience and eye-tracking studies

See you tomorrow for Part 3 of our 5 Pillars of a Successful Online Business, User Experience.

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