The Big LEAP: Helping Australian Startups Take the World by Storm



The Big LEAP program from Arrow Digital is back for its 2023 season and ready to give a second cohort of promising startups the boost they need to conquer the world. This 12 month intensive program is designed to help early stage tech startups validate and succeed in the Indian market.

The program offers a combination of virtual and in-person workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and a fully-facilitated immersion trip to India. With the support of AusIndustry, and guidance from a range of business, education, and government experts, The Big LEAP provides the necessary knowledge and connections for entrepreneurs to succeed in the Indian startup ecosystem and beyond.

The Big LEAP incubator program is divided into three stages:

Intensive: A three-month group program that lays the foundation for success. During this stage, entrepreneurs will participate in workshops covering topics such as refining their value proposition, marketing, raising capital, developing partnerships, and more. These workshops are led by experts from partners La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Investible, and T-Hub, and are designed to challenge and inspire the startups to reach their full potential.

Accelerator: A six-month stage focused on one-on-one mentoring with matched subject matter experts. Entrepreneurs receive personalised attention and guidance to navigate the challenges and opportunities of entering a new market.

Immersion: The final stage is a three-month period of further one-on-one mentoring and a fully-facilitated immersion trip to India. Entrepreneurs will visit multiple cities and meet with potential investors and partners, gaining valuable exposure to the Indian startup ecosystem.

Throughout the program, startups will have access to in-person and virtual workshops, expert panels, and challenges. Mentoring and guidance are provided by partners Investible and T-Hub, leaders in the startup community. Participants will also have the opportunity to present their businesses to investors, as well as access to early-stage capital raising and direct investment opportunities.

We look forward to seeing how the second cohort of Big LEAP evolve and refine their visions throughout the incubator program.

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