The Bonus of Blogs for a Business

Anup Batra


Using your expertise as a business to blog your way to the top

A business website must have the whole package, not only must it draw a reader’s attention by the look and feel, it also must connect to readers with interesting, informative content to ultimately result in a lead and a sale. In a market which is extremely competitive it’s important to think carefully about what information you are presenting to potential customers. In order to retain them, as a business you need to create a user experience that will encourage brand loyalty in today’s digital landscape.

So as a business how can we promote this? Adding a blog to your website is a relatively simple way of connecting with your audience by providing content on a more personal level and showcasing your expertise as a company. We have put together a simple guide to creating content for your growing business blog:


Topical information

Content that your reader will be interested in, speaking as an authority on that topic, showing people you are passionate about it, will in turn engage your consumers and retain them.


A blog is good for business

Features that offer “A Day in the Life” or profiles on the business allow readers to see what their company is doing for them. A blog also challenges your staff, asking employees to produce content on their areas of expertise gives them the encouragement to keep learning about the environment they are in, as well as working to one business and marketing strategy.


We’re people too

Show people who you are! We’re all too busy in work, social, family lives to spend time researching all the new companies we are thinking of buying from or interacting with for a product or service, therefore a blog is a perfect way to show your audience who you are as a brand. You’re not just a corporate robot you are people too, with opinions and a personality. A blog allows you the space to demonstrate this to your readers.


Why should I buy?

The blog is a great place to demonstrate why you are market leaders and experts in your field. Tell them why they should engage with you and buy from you, but in a way they can relate too.


Important things to remember when writing a blog is much like writing a journalists column:

– Who is your audience? Track your analytics to see where people are coming to the blog from

– It’s a communication tool so make sure the tone of your blog is right, in keeping with your brand and speaking to the right people

– The headline of your blog will pull the reader into clicking through, ensure a catchy title to entice people to read more

– Have fun with the topics – as long as it is still in keeping with the tone of your company and brand, enjoy your writing

– The blog gives you another opportunity to interact with your consumers, make sure any  comments on the blog are answered in a professional way, provide guidelines to staff if necessary

– Social sharing buttons – a must!

– Measuring your traffic – regularly reviewing your audience will help you create future articles, find out which ones created the most discussions and shares for strategies going forward


A blog profile is relatively easy to set up via WordPress or another blog platform, as per any marketing tool it is important to have a strategy about how the blog will work for you depending on what market you are in. Investing time and effort into creating regular content will not only boost staff morale but increase customer confidence and your search engine ranking.

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