The Trust Factor

Jasmine Batra


I was reading the latest issue of Readers Digest with the cover story on who do we trust?
According to Dr Charlie Teo, neurosurgeon and founder of cure for life foundation and topping  the list – trust is about doing the right thing every time. Its incredibly simple and yet so powerful.

In the last 7 years, I have been in contact with  hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and top level managers. Many a times you can sense that when they entrust their web marketing project to you or pass on their website details, it is almost like handing over their loved one to you – with a promise to make it healthy. It places a lot of responsibility as you hear their story of how they have grown and nurtured their business.

I have come to realise that for the clients who come on board , whether after doing their own research or due to referrals, yes they want to give the work to the smartest one around but more importantly it is about the trust that you will do the right thing by them.

The way seo is, it is a lot like handing over your site to a surgeon and trusting their judgement and call.
Those who can work with that belief are able to get the best outcomes compared to the skeptics. But of course, it is about finding someone you can trust.

Share your comments on what trust means to you.

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