The ultimate Guide for Australian SEO

Anup Batra


Is SEO for Australian search any different than SEO for a Global Audience?

Very Much So! If our SEO efforts are targeted by geography, we can get quicker and more effective results on our investment than if our efforts are made thoughtlessly.

Here are 11 surefire ways to get your website ranked high on Australian Search :

  • Register a domain name
  • Host your website on Australian Servers. If you are hosted overseas, transfer your hosting to Australian servers.
  • Make your content as jargon free as possible, and if possible add a tinge of humour 🙂
  • List your website on Google Maps
  • List your website on Australian search engines and Australian web directories
  • Launch Blogs on Australian Blogging Platforms instead of Blogger etc
  • Participate in conversation on Australian Blogs
  • Join Australian Groups on Twitter, Facebook and Google. This will get targeted traffic and links from Australian websites.
  • In your Google Webmasters console, select Australia as the target country
  • Release Pressreleases to Australian Media/Online Media. A few links from the top newspapers/blogs/magazines can work wonders for your website and business.
  • Do strategic link building with Australian Government, Educational Institutes etc by providing useful information on your website and directing their attention to it. You can also look for opportunities to contribute on their sites.

If you are vying for the top rank on Australian Search, these Australian SEO tips will take you a long way!

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