Top 4 Tips for Mobile SEO

Jasmine Batra


Our world is now very different from what it was ten years ago and it’s amazing how far we’ve progressed over the last decade itself. Even the way we communicate and connect with each other has tremendously changed. Accessibility has always been a huge factor in consumerism and the advent of mobile smart phones has given us unlimited boundaries to obtain information.

Your target audience can now easily search for your brand and buy your products at anywhere and anytime. Plus, your audience’s attention span is getting shorter especially when there are so many things going on in their daily lives. You have to keep in mind that business is all about people, and everyone is always on the go. In other words, everything has to be fast and simple! These are the reasons why you need to be extremely efficient on the mobile platform.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days and approximately seven million Aussies are on tablets. More importantly, online purchases from mobile devices have grown by 79%, which signifies a huge shift in the way consumers shop for products or services. Imagine the endless revenue possibilities that you can generate for your business if you have optimum visibility on mobile!

1) Mobile Design

Your mobile website has to incorporate a layout that is different from its desktop version. A responsive design is the most ideal layout for a website as it will automatically detect a device and adapt according to it. Plus, according to Google, a responsive design trumps over mobile URL redirect as it loads much quicker. This is highly important for user experience (UX) and usability. More often than not, when a mobile site takes too long to load or users find it hard to navigate, then they will move on to your competitors who can provide them with a better mobile experience.

In addition, a responsive design is also better for SEO because search engines will only have one page to index and rank instead of having to crawl two separate desktop and mobile websites.

2) Local Search

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is extremely important for mobile so that potential customers can find your business when they are searching products or services around your area. That is why it is highly important to optimise your website with location based keyword phrases. On top of that, don’t forget to register your business information with Google Places and Google+ Local for Businesses. The details that you provide will be listed on Google Maps and it will be much easier for users to find your website or phone number as it will appear near the top of the search results.

3) Page Load Time

This is highly important as part of your mobile SEO strategy as it affects user experience (an integral part of Google’s Quality Score). The higher your quality score, the better it will be for your site’s ranking on mobile! And as mentioned before, the faster users can access your products and services, the more likely they will stay on your website until the end of the sales funnel.

4) Go Social

Your target audience are using social media apps on their mobile devices to check in, share photos, and write reviews on social business pages. So, it is imperative that you stay connected with them and encourage two-way interactions with them on mobile. When you have effective social media pages that are linked to your mobile website, it will send out social signals to search engines. Social signals are an important ranking factor for search engines and the better you perform on social media, the easier it is for your business to gain visibility.

Remember, mobile devices are the future of humankind and consumer products are being made in smaller and more simplified forms (like Google Glass). This only means that there will be more opportunities for your business to interact with the target audience, 24 hours a day! It’s now time to take action and implement all of the Top 4 Tips for Mobile SEO into your overall digital marketing strategy!

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