Top 8 Tips for Effective Landing Pages That Convert, Part 1

Jasmine Batra


Have you ever wondered why your website isn’t catching as many leads as it should, even when your page is ranking highly on the top page of Google?

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is extremely important in helping a business gain more visibility on the online platform and it’s is also crucial to get the target audience to click-through to your actual landing page(s).

Once they get on your landing page, the main goal now is to get them to the end of the sales funnel, or at least send in an enquiry so that you can get more leads!

The real challenge is…how exactly do you engage these visitors and encourage them to take action on your search engine optimised landing page?

Here are a few tips that will help you create awesome landing pages:


Yup, that’s right. We’ve always said that content is one of the essential ingredient of a successful SEO campaign, but it is also one of the key elements of a highly effective landing page.

Have a look at your page and determine if it presents clear, concise information about your brand, products and services. Double check to see that the content structure is laid out with proper headlines, headers, attractive images, bolded elements, and so on.

In addition, make sure the headlines and headers are relevant to what the users are looking for. Remember, you’ve only got about TWO seconds to grab the attention of the visitor before they decide if they want to further explore your website. Give them a reason to stick around!


As an SEO Company in Melbourne, we often get lots of requests for website analyses, and some of the landing pages that we go through already have moderately good content and strategically designed layouts. But somehow they still don’t convert well enough…why is that?

Simple. They don’t have good enough call-to-actions (buttons, contact form, newsletter subscription, USP, etc.) on the landing page, or at least they are not strategically positioned.

The users’ decisions are influenced by visual cues that they see on the landing page. Make sure that your call-to-actions are placed in an obvious part of the website, which is usually at the top of the page.

Be clear about what you want them to do without sounding too pushy. For example if you are offering a free quote, say “Get Your Free Quote”. This will tell the visitor what to do, and it also presents them with a good value proposition.

Most importantly, do not overstuff the page with too many CTAs! You want to encourage them to take action, not confuse them.

Design Layout

A proper design layout is highly important to increase user engagement. Generally, a clean layout works best because it gives visitors clarity to see CTAs that you want them to click-on. Plus, a neatly designed landing page helps your users to quickly read important information (headlines, headers, etc.) that are specifically written to get them to discover more about the products and services.

Don’t discount the importance of mobile web design. Most users these days are searching for things on their smartphones rather than on an actual laptop or computer. Make sure your design is optimised for smartphones too.

Solid Internal Linking

Internal linking that is properly done is both beneficial for your SEO efforts and great user experience. If the visitor journey and website flow are properly mapped out, everything that they click on will bring them to highly relevant pages within the website, which is exactly what the users want to see. Make sure the information which you want them to discover is obtainable within 3 clicks. When the users get what they want, it’s more likely that they will move on to the end of the sales funnel!

Now that you have discovered the first 4 tips to create effective landing pages, make sure you stay tuned for Part 2 of our Top 8 Tips for Effective Landing Pages That Convert!

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