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Bespoke Cake Shop Finds Digital Sweet Spot!


Unbirthday Bakery’s humble beginnings as a simple blog displaying images of their unique cake creations as hobby, was forever changed when people started contacting them to buy their creations. The site was converted to an ecommerce site and was a big ‘up and comer’ in the Sydney bespoke cake scene.


Soon turning over 500,000 cakes in a year, Unbirthday Bakery was quickly growing, but was wholly reliant on Social Media and events for their sales, as they were invisible on the web otherwise. Approaching Arrow Digital to help bring them to the next stage of their growth, the client wanted to decrease their reliance on Social Media and further grow the business on the wave of momentum they were riding. They also wanted people who knew about them to be able to easily find them online.
Arrow Digital has implemented fast results for our company both for SEO and Social Media resulting in rapid business growth within three months


Arrow sought to fix Unbirthday Bakery’s digital anonymity by launching an extensive organic search marketing campaign to earn a first-page presence on the world’s most powerful search engine, Google. A careful collection of strategically target keywords we’re devised to not only ensure traffic, but also encourage the right type of visitors. All of this was collaborated on between Arrow Digital and Unbirthday Bakery to ensure maximum SEO was achieved without compromise to their page aesthetic.


Results occurred quickly within the first 3 months and organic traffic quickly overtook Social Media traffic 13,363 vs. 5,890 as all 15 selected keywords were ranking at the conclusion of the first quarter. Careful consideration was given to the aesthetics of the page when implementing SEO to ensure that the brands image remained and visitors stayed on the page (average organic session duration 3 minutes 57 seconds). The new online visibility also allowed Unbirthday Bakery also reach new audiences 59.74% of all new users being new users.
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