Understanding What Mobile Search Can do for your Business

Jasmine Batra


As customers increasingly rely on their mobile phones to search for information, it is essential for businesses to consider and understand how mobile conversions occur. The following findings on mobile searches for both online and offline conversions can offer you a few ideas on mobile search strategy for your own business.

1. It’s a quirky fact that mobility, the biggest advantage of mobile phones compared to desktop computers, only contributes 17% of mobile search traffic, whereas 77% of mobile searches are happened at home or at work where a computer is most likely close by.

It’s probably because there are less interruption and more comfortable to do online research indoor or maybe because the speed and stability of mobile network coverage are still weaker than those of indoor Wi-Fi connection.

2. Mobile searches are strongly driven by specific contexts, which is critical to help customers make their choices and final decisions.

45% of all mobile searches are goal-oriented and conducted to help make a decision either in store, at work or at home, which indicates that mobile search is already a key part of our decision making process. The exciting data below should be the key reason why business can’t omit the benefits of mobile searches.

3. A mobile search leads to almost two follow-up actions on average, which is even more when searches are happened outside the home.

As can be seen from the pie chart above, almost 2/3 of follow-up actions triggered by mobile search such as further research, store visit or word-of-mouth sharing occur lightning fast within the first hour, followed by additional 21% of follow-up actions in the next 4 hours. More importantly, customers can take their research findings with them to anywhere and recall themselves at any time while follow-up actions.

4. The quick online and offline actions and up to 81% high conversions within 5 hours after initial mobile searches continue to prove that business should take mobile searches into account as soon as possible.

To start up a mobile search campaign, a mobile friendly website or web app seems like a must. However, before customers can see your online publication, the most essential first step is to let them quickly find you in the search results. Hence, seeking for assistant from SEO Company so as to boost up search engine optimisation performance for your mobile friendly website or web app is still important to your business success. What’s more critical is that customers are getting a limited number of search results on a relatively smaller screen for mobile search, which means more efforts ought to be put on SEO and get your ranking to be in the top five if you want to be noticed.

Please feel free to call us if you are looking forward to set up a mobile friendly website and boost up its SEO performance, we will happily offer professional advices and make sure it is optimised for search engines.

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