Use Google Commerce Search to pep up those Conversion Rates

Anup Batra


Online retailers rejoice. Search giant Google has come up with yet another tool that can help you gain effective mileage from the Internet. The recently-launched Google Commerce Search is an incredibly useful tool for businesses selling their products in the online marketplace. It is basically a site search tool tailored for ecommerce and product-based sites.

Google Commerce Search will not only boost your website’s conversion rates, but also lead to an improvement in online revenues and reduction in bounce rates. Hosted by Google search technology, this tool makes online retail searching both fast and customizable. Your visitors can easily sort products by category, price, brand or any other attribute. To make searching easier, you can highlight special products or connect related ones.

Google Commerce Search includes a built-in spellchecker and synonyms to help visitors type in the right product name. Moreover, the search tool will also make some suggestions to help you choose the right keyword for search.

 Search results will be displayed in an e-commerce-style product page. A user can simply click the item he wishes to buy and add it to his shopping cart. Site administrator can filter results through parameters like category, brand or price, and users can sort search results by any of these attributes.

This new development will also aid search engine optimisation companies in bringing about concrete results for ecommerce sites. After all, Google Commerce Search mainly aims at fostering better conversion rates on these portals – the most important task for an SEO agency.

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