Use simple SEO techniques to maximize your website’s popularity

Anup Batra


One of the most important aspects to maximize the popularity of a website is its search engine friendliness. If this aspect is overlooked during the website designing and implementation, you can be left with a website with minimal organic traffic. Hence, SEO techniques are really very important to increase your website presence. As per my advice, follow certain simple techniques and improve the organic rankings of your site.

You should try to improve user interaction and user experience, which will ultimately increase your search engine rankings. A search engine takes account of the accuracy of its search results. If they send a user on to your website, will that user find the relevant information? If yes, users will surely go back to that search engine. On-page optimization is an important part of a successful SEO strategy. Hence you should be very careful with the things visitors see on the page – unique page titles, URL structures, meta tags, image labeling, etc.

The use of unique and accurate page titles helps visitors easily locate the information they are searching for. It also aids the process of search engine optimization. Page titles need to be changed as and when the new content is uploaded.

Also, be careful to use suitable and simple URL structures. An organized site is easily accessible and easily readable by search engine spiders. A logical file structure with information arranged into folders should be accompanied by a URL that uses recognizable words and that could be used to ascertain the purpose of your web page.

Content is also very important to increase the popularity and rankings of your website. If the content is unique and easily comprehensible, it will attract more visitors. Be careful to add quality content to your site as and when required. You should strategically place targeted keywords in your content to improve SEO rankings.

By using these simple techniques, you can not only improve the rankings and popularity of your website, but can also rake in better revenues through the online marketplace.

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