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Anup Batra


Google’s new search engine algorithm, Google Caffeine, is all set to change the way websites acquire and maintain search engine rankings. Websites that publish frequent fresh content, acquire new links more frequently and are regularly involved in social media activities will now have new-found importance in the search engine rankings ‘war zone’. After all, this new algorithm revolves around the ‘updated status’ of a site.

Google’s traditional process of search engine indexing takes time to crawl new material on the web. It only shows pages after they’ve been thoroughly processed, thereby delaying the ranking potential of the page.

With Google Caffeine, your website’s rankings will take a different turn altogether. It will make way for faster collection of page changes and linking by spidering new material as and when it is updated on the web. Resultantly, we will now see frequent changes in sites’ rankings.

Known as GFS2, this new file structuring system will allow Google to store more information about web pages, including details such as keyword reputation, PageRank, Trustrank, latent semantics, linking history, temporal inbound link changes, etc. Ensuring constant link building activities becomes more important in this scenario. Because, losing inbound links can result in loss of rankings. This means, search engine optimisation companies will now have better opportunities to displace established sites with humongous number of links. Another step by Google to create a level playing field on the internet.

If you are starting an online business, this is the best time to boost your presence on Google. Old sites that have not had content updates for ages will soon find their rankings sinking into oblivion. It is time to utilise this opportunity to harness the power of the Internet.

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