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Jasmine Batra is a group chairman of Arrow Digital Marketing and one of Australia’s most respected Digital Marketing Strategists. With an MBA in Marketing and an Honours Degree in Information Technology, Jasmine combines these two disciplines towards delivering marketing solutions which are powered through digital marketing methods and tools.


Anup Batra is group chairman of Arrow Digital Marketing, and has pioneered changes in digital marketing strategy and transformation for the past two decades. Advising CEOs and business leaders from Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and FujiXerox to name a few, Anup has the ability to spot emerging regional and global trends, patterns and behaviours and lead Australian companies’ marketing arms in the right direction. He has the digital expertise to differentiate between the fad and the future, and offer brand- and customer-centric solutions to businesses, whatever the business. His insights are well grounded, in-the-moment and market leading.