What makes a successful Digital Marketing campaign?

Anup Batra


It’s 2018. There are a lot of digital marketing channels available and It has become really hard to keep up with the trends and the complexity in the buyer behavior. The lack of alignment with the business goals and lack of technology has contributed greatly to the frustration of digital marketers in an already complicated industry. However, information is key and we gathered some crucial points to note for a seamless digital marketing campaign.

Have a clear goal in mind
Set up specific goals for your campaign. You want to increase sales? Make it more specific like increasing your sales for the holidays coming ahead by doing a flash sale on your website for 3 days. By making your goals specific you can then determine the next steps. Create a realistic framework. Identify Appropriate KPIs. Narrow it down to the ones that most closely represent your key target areas and will help you to stay on track and understand which of your marketing actions are actually working.

Identify your market
Collecting data to build your buyer personas has never been easier. Free analytics tool are available online and can be integrated to your campaigns. Thanks to this, we can now get insights to the buying behaviour of our customers through historical and real-time data. We can also see which devices they are on the most and what age group are they from and many more. Once we have correctly set up a buyer persona, we are now ready to make an outline of each phase of the buyer’s journey and find out which marketing channel would be ideal for our campaign.

Choose your digital marketing channel(s)
After researching our market, it is now time to choose our messenger. This is very important as this will be our medium to communicate with our customers.  There are a lot of Digital Marketing channel available – Email/Newsletter, PPC, SEO, Display, Video, Content Marketing, Social Media, Online PR and many more. Finding the right channel isn’t as hard as you might think especially once you thought of your goal. Going back to our previous example, the goal was to increase the sales for the coming holidays by doing a flash sale on the website. Since the duration of this goal is set to 3 days we can do a combination of PPC, Display, Social Media and Email Marketing. By doing a Shopping Campaign on PPC/Display you can now attract consumers who are looking for similar products on those 3 days while using Social Media and Email Marketing can help you build up the excitement by doing consistent ads on the days leading to the sale.

Create quality content
Providing unique and quality content for our market will not only define our brand but will also develop a deeper connection with them. The more professional and relatable our content is, the likelier our consumers will engage. In any digital marketing channel that you will use and whether it will be in a form of an image, photograph, articles, blog, podcast or video you must ensure that it has a consistent brand message and visual identity for a high brand recall. You must remember that you as a business is as unique as your consumers. Show that with a well thought out content.

Track your campaign and optimise it
A successful digital marketing campaign doesn’t stop once it’s launch. It’s a continuous effort of monitoring the data gathered during and after. A/B or split testing can be used to compare two versions of your campaign to determine which one performs better. Competitive Analysis can be used to evaluate your campaign, by identifying your competitors and reviewing their strategies compared to yours can help you optimise your campaign, look for any weaknesses and turn it into strengths. Monitor your campaign and don’t hesitate to enhance it if needed.


Being on the forefront of the Digital Marketing industry, Arrow Digital has had numerous success with our Digital marketing campaigns. What’s our secret? Arrow’s perfectly crafted sauce – The 3 T’s.

We have a sharp understanding of business strategy and ability to come up with an actionable digital strategy that focuses on the outcomes our clients want to achieve. We use a variety of digital marketing methods including UX, Branding, Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Google AdWords, Social Media and Content Marketing.

We love what we do and it shows. We are a highly experienced multicultural team each with more than 40 years total industry experience.

At Arrow Digital we are driven by the following core values: Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Passion and Collaboration. These are not mere words; they are our guiding principles and are reflected in our standard practices and behaviour each and every day. Our success in this industry is built upon these values, and our mission statement expands on our commitment to elevating our service delivery to shine brighter than anything else on offer.


A good digital marketing campaign is defined when each set of goals and KPIs are met. A great one however is when each spend is utlised well and all marketing channels are integrated thus resulting to a great customer experience. We set high expectations for ourselves and wouldn’t want our clients to expect any less from us. See for yourself how we transformed Australian businesses just like yours. Give us a call on 1300 766 665 to start your ARROW journey.

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