What should I do after getting top google rankings

Anup Batra


I get this question frequently from clients. What is the next step after getting top search engine rankings. I did some research over the last few months and these are the answers I found :

  • You have the rankings, now start measuring how they convert to tangible business goals : e.g, increase in sales, reduction in cost/sale, improvement in profitability etc.
  • Track how long people stay on your website, what % of visitors fill up online forms or call you up. Also Track what % of enquiries are converting into sales.
  • If you are an online store, what % of the visitors make a purchase, at what stage do the people who leave without making a purchase abandon your store. This can help you to make improvements or increase visitor confidence at that stage
  • Create persuasive copy, fresh testimonials etc on an ongoing basis. This will reinforce the confidence in your products or services. If you don’t have the time or resources, hire an SEO Copywriter who will increase the appeal of your website content
  • Elicit feedback and ideas from prospects and customers by providing  forms on the website. Make sure these forms are easy to fill and easily found 🙂
  • If you are selling complex products or services, provide a ‘search’ facility and a ‘chat’ facility
  • Create an excitement about your products or services by bringing in specials, events, novelties. This will give your visitors a reason to return back to your website.
  • Use RSS Feeds to syndicate your site content so that new updates get broadcasted across the internet fast
  • Make your meta-description (these are the two lines that show just below the title tag) attractive. If you are an online store with new specials on a regular basis, mention that. If you are a service industry expert who offers an initial free consultation, mention that. This will get you more clicks for the same ranking.
  • Put interactive tools on your website to engage your prospects and customers. e.g, savings calculator, home loan calculator, insurance calculator, diet profile etc. These tools can be developed easily and increase both traffic and visitor loyalty.
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