When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

Jasmine Batra


Do you want to know when the best time is to post on Facebook? Fortunately, I did all the research… so you don’t have to!

It’s important to remember that the best posting time for Facebook will vary, depending on the type of service you’re providing. For example, if you’re an accountant and I’m a dolphin trainer – our ideal posting times could be completely different.

On the topic of best posting times, Neil Patel from QuickSprout noted:

“Your visitors and followers prefer using social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares, but you’ll also notice an increase in traffic.”

This makes sense.

With Facebook, you can use Insights to determine the best time to post for your own particular audience. Times could vary… and I’ve seen some pretty random times as the best time to post on Facebook (including after midnight!). It really comes down to what your page is about.

According to my research (references are at the end of this article):

  • 86% of posts are published throughout the work week and engagement peaks on Thursday and Fridays.
  • When publishing on Monday through to Wednesday, engagement rates fall 5% below average.
  • The “happiness index” on Facebook reaches grows by 10% on Fridays.
  • While each industry tends to vary, they all usually increase by Friday.

In terms of the best time to post on Facebook:

  • Most users are active in the early afternoon
  • 1pm will allow you to get the most shares
  • 3pm will get you the most clicks; and
  • 9am to 7pm is the best for engagement

When do you find the best time to post to Facebook for maximum engagement? Let me know in the comments!

Here are the best posting times for the other social media networks:

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