When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter?

Jasmine Batra


Do you want to know the best time to post on Twitter?

Some people like to tweet at certain times of the day, while others like to tweet around the clock in order to hit a bunch of different time zones. I personally think both are good choices – depending on the content you’re sharing. For example, if you’re targeting a particular geographic audience; consider their time zone first.

When it comes to research in finding out the best time to post on Twitter – the best results come from the cage itself. Twitter says that 181% of their audience uses their platform while on the way to work or school, and 119% are more likely to use it during the work/school hours.

As with all the other social media networks we’ve discussed, finding out the best time really will depend on your audience. You can use a tool like FollowerWonk to determine which time is best for you.

Keep in mind these tips (references located towards end of the article):

  • Tweeting at less competitive times could result in more re-tweets!
  • B2B audiences are 14% more engaged through the week compared to weekends
  • B2C audiences are 17% more engaged on weekends (according to Dan Zarrella)
  • 5pm is the best time to get re-tweets
  • 12pm and 6pm have the highest click through rates (could this be due to lunch breaks and commuting home from work?)

Is there a particular time when your Twitter users seem to be most active? Let me know in the comment section!

Here are the best posting times for the other social media networks:

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