Which SEO company will get the results?

Anup Batra


Investing in an SEO company can be like betting on a horse. Does it have a track record of winning? Who is the jockey? Does the horse look in form or out of form? Many such questions need to be answered before making the choice.

Despite all this, the best race horses don’t win all the races and the best SEO company in the word does not get all it’s clients on rank 1 of Google. However, they do get most of their clients very high returns on investment.

So what can a business owner do to enable the SEO company to deliver great results?

  • Be friendly with them :  SEO’s have to work their butts off to deliver results for clients. Appreciating the work they are doing motivates them to work harder!
  • Provide them information : Provide your SEO company regular information about your business on a regular basis
  • Do some work yourself :  Take some time out every day to make your presence felt in onine communities e.g blogs, forums and social media sites.
  • Have measurable Goals e.g leads, sales and work patiently towards the same. Call your SEO company once a month to discuss the achievements and focus on the wins, challenges, opportunities etc and engage them in your business like partners in Growth
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