Why customers are becoming really impatient and what to do about it

Anup Batra


The introduction of mobile phones and the rise of digital connectivity has changed the way we live more than ever. As expected, it changed the way consumers behave too. A study conducted by Lithium Technologies in 2014 suggests that 41% of Australian customers expects a response within an hour or less while 12% expect a response in less than five minutes. The saying “time is gold” has never been so true.

They say it’s “Adapt or Die”, so now that you understand your customers better. What can you do?

Listen to your consumers
Sure sometimes we get the unfavourable reviews and harsh critics. We might think we know our consumers better but think again. Use these valuable information to cater to what consumers want and expect to pay. Turn the tables and use this to your advantage.

Identify opportunities
Most brands aren’t keeping up with the consumer’s short-attention-span. You might ask “So consumers have become really impatient due to technology – so what does it have to do with my business?” Believe it or not, this has led to tremendous rise of companies who offers service based solutions like ride hailing apps,  personal shopper, food delivery, Online coaching, and many more.

Personalize customer experience
Consumers are now expecting personalized experience when making a purchasing decision. They expect businesses to know exactly what they want. By creating strategic, stackable and personalised micro content we can engage with our customers without making huge demands on their time. Post purchase experience has become vital as well as companies are now putting effort in engaging and retaining customers even after their purchase. A great example is to send personalized emails. Online fashion shop, Zalora has used this tactic by sending a catalogue of similar products that were last purchased by their customer.

Sharpen your tools
The last thing you would want is to lose a customer because of simple reasons like your website is too slow that they decided to go with your competitor whose site loads 5 secs lesser than yours. Yes those five seconds are enough for the impatient customer to lose interest. It doesn’t matter how great your product is compared to your competition. What matters is if your target market will spend enough time to make a purchasing decision.


For many years that we have handled Digital Marketing for our clients, we have taken a considerable amount of time to making sure that we set up the right buyer persona and expectations. We don’t just assign random numbers to our clients campaigns. We understand well that our clients are busy running their business so we take care of their Google Ads and work with them collaboratively. Our love for digital marketing is reflected on our dedication to make sure we exceed our clients expectations. If you want to learn more on how we can help you improve your campaigns – Speak with an expert SEO or digital marketing consultant at Arrow Digital by giving us a call on 1300 766 665 or e-mail us at [email protected].

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